Hack Your Neural Networks:  Our Transformational Coaching programmes for individuals in IT are nothing like you’ve experienced before!  Transform the way you see yourself and view the world around you to lead a life of achievement and success

Coaching for individuals

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting the results to be different.”
Albert Einstein


How many times do you find the same results over and over?  Whether that’s being rejected for a new job role or promotion or being uncertain of what’s going on and feeling burnt out and stressed.  Maybe you have a massive presentation coming up and you are bricking it!   Time to have a look at how to hack your neural network!

Do you ever feel that things are just not worth the effort you put in – you keep trying but failing?  Not feeling capable of the next steps or not even knowing what the next steps may be?


What about those damned emotions that keep coming up where some days you are just so angry, or about to flip over the slightest thing?  And those waves of sadness when you are feeling down…


Maybe you have all these things under control and have  a long term goal and need guidance and support on your way to greatness!


If you are one of those individuals looking for something to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, that is different from the same old, boring, highly fluffy personal development programmes and want immediate results, then you are in the right place.

Just take a moment and imagine what your life will be like when you have…

Greater control

Imagine having TOTAL CONTROL over your focus, thoughts, emotions and your path to a new future?

More purpose and meaning

What would it be like to have more purpose and meaning in your life?

More change and transformation

And what if you could TRANSFORM your personal and professional life so that you are living your life in line with your true potential?


This is where The Geek Coach and the Hack your Neural Network programme comes in.


If you imagine that your brain is a computer and the strategies and metaprogrammes it runs are the software, you may start to realise that actually you can reprogram how your brain works!  How amazing would that be to make changes to your own internal programming?  So through the programmes, I assist you to Hack Your Neural Networks so that you can live a more fulfilling, successful life which is full of endless possibilities.


Coaching – is it worth it?

What would a career you really enjoy and love be worth? What would a relaxed, healthy and happy life and a feeling of fulfilment mean to you?  What about the ability to have meaningful relationships with others? If you’ve never asked yourself those questions, do so now. Can you even begin to put a price on it?


Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. You will recoup the investment many times over. That might be in financial terms, with improved employment or a more successful business of your own; in feeling healthier and happier or being able to be in control of your own mind and with increased emotional intelligence.

WARNING! As I always say when I am training and coaching individuals, do not undertake our coaching programmes unless you want to change your life and achieve success.

The number of sessions individuals require is variable. Following an free initial discussion around your goals and problems, a programme will be devised specifically for you and what you want to achieve. There are three Hack Your Neural Network programmes for Individuals:

  • Bronze – for a small problem that can be solved in one or two sessions
  • Silver – one breakthrough session on the area under review and a three month programme of action. 
  • Gold – six breakthrough sessions across your entire life over a twelve month programme of action.

Your programme will be comprised of weekly or monthly sessions and there may be required tasking for you to complete between those sessions. Together we will do whatever is required to get you the outcome you want and need.


In addition to the Hack Your Neural Network for Individuals programmes, there is also a Hack Your Neural Networks Group Coaching Programme.

In a nutshell, it’s a four week burst of focussed action, support and accountability for anything that you are wanting to achieve within that four week period (or at least make a good start on!)
The Hack Your Neural Network Group Coaching consists of:
  • Info download – yep, we will need to do a little bit of download so you know what is coming and how to get this done, easily and effectively
  • Goal setting – the best place to start so we know what you are going to be working on, right down to daily actions, so you need to really think this one through
  • Daily Check ins – did you do everything on your action list?
  • Mid-week Group calls – 2 hours for the group to advise what they are working on now, how its going, whats coming up next and any urgent assistance needed
  • Sunday reset – what worked, what didn’t, how can we do better next week. We will also make sure that our actions are still aligned for our overall outcome


Outside all of these programmes, you are free to contact us by email or telephone at any time. If you have questions, need support or have fantastic news to share, we want to hear from you!

What areas of self-development do we coach in?

At The Geek Coach, we are experienced in a broad range of developmental coaching. We treat each and every client as an individual, which is why all of our programmes are tailored around the needs and goals of each person that we work with. The following are areas we most commonly coach in and where our clients can benefit from truly life-changing results.

Every programme and area of coaching is fully flexible and tailored to the specific needs, requirements and personality of each individual.

To discuss your own specific needs and goals, you can get in touch with us by clicking the button below.

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