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Hack Your Neural Networks: The ITSM Model of Coaching For Your Brain

Sep 01, 2021
hack your neural networks coaching process

What is Hack Your Neural Networks Coaching in IT Terms


Most people (brain users) go to a breakfix coach when there’s a specific issue, there’s something not operating in the way it’s expected to. Maybe it’s a rejection for a promotion or they get really angry with people or they are experiencing anxiety, burnout, stress, maybe through Superhero syndrome or being forced to give a presentation.  So, something is not quite right at this specific point in time.  Let’s consider this our incident.


The brain user goes off to the breakfix coach who helps them through that specific incident, and they restore service for the brain user.


The brain user feels great, they’re able to operate again and they feel generally better…


Until BANG…….


It happens again…...


Or even shows up in a different area of their life!


Sometimes the brain user will go back to the breakfix coach (or another) and they’ll find ways of resolving their new specific incident (which is solidifying in a similar way to calcium deposits on a fractured bone).


With The Geek Coach, however, we work with our brain users differently.


Our brain users will come with the same specific incident, but at TGC we know that if you don’t deal with the root cause, then the incidents will keep recurring so we problem manage – we deal with the root cause on the first incident so that optimal performance is always there.


Now sometimes, our brain users will want to upgrade, make some improvements, or install new programs in/on/to their brains, and they put in a request.


Now, we all know that to undertake any significant work on any infrastructure environment, you need to assess its current state and get it to the point where its capable of being able to run the new stuff without any impact.


We also know that we need good change management protocols in place, so we assess the impact of making the change versus doing nothing. We also consider the impact of the change for the brain user, their nearest and dearest and their work environment, the wider community, even the whole world!


TGC call this full service the “Hack Your Neural Networks Coaching” and it is effectively problem management of the mind!


Why would I need Hack Your Neural Networks Coaching?

Your Current You is the accumulation of all the choices and decisions you have made until now, so if Current You is not serving Future You, then you are going to need to change something.  Let’s just say, if you do the same thing, you will get the same result! 


What kind of things can be done with Hack Your Neural Networks coaching?



Getting rid of anger and fear (and other -ve emotions)

Increase quality of life

Conflicts with others

Transform career

Conflicts with self (!)

Increase confidence

Being rejected for promotion/new roles

Improve communication skills

Being stuck

Improve presentation skills


Increase options and choices

Lack of action

Increase motivation

Getting rid of niggling self-doubts

Increase income

Poorly performing teams

Become a role model leader

Think they’re too stupid/fat/skinny/loud/quiet/whatever else may come to mind

High performance teams/business


Obtain career goals


Obtain other life area goals (Health/Wealth/Relationships/etc)


*** This list is non-exhaustive!



Shouldnt the work-place provide coaching?

Good question!  Many workplaces offer coaching, however that is more of a mentoring process than coaching in reality and tell you how they do it (to a point) and they may use the GROW model but they will not utilise the brain as the powerhouse that it truly is; nor will they do any clean-up. 


Besides, how many people in your workplace would you want to do root cause analysis on your mind???  For effective root cause analysis, there needs to be full and open transparency to be able to remediate the problem there, rather than it recurring.


Who is the Hack Your Neural Networks Coaching for?

TGC works specifically with people in the IT industry.  Whether you are lone support technician in a non-IT organisation or whether you are the CEO of a multinational Managed Services company.


What about coaching for an IT company?

TGC also provide business coaching for IT companies.




Poor performing teams

Leadership teams aligned with core values and each other

Non-aligned leadership teams

High performing teams

Lack of morale

Motivated staff

Lack of inertia

Accountability and ownership at all levels

Customer complaints

Increased retention

Inadequate processes

Effective objective cascades

Immature business models

KPIs and scorecards for all




Process improvement


Service refinement



Why TGC?

IT has been my bread and butter for years – at one point, I didn’t quite understand why everyone else wasn’t in it!  Over time, I started to see there was a pattern that ran through all IT people within organisations – and while the organisation may be different, there were specific personality traits that run through IT teams and people.


Now, patterns fascinate me and so I had to figure this out.  I spent years researching the IT subculture and how it operates.


Alongside this I was transitioning into senior leadership roles and also needed to quickly improve the services being offered so I started researching how peoples minds work to improve performance and undertook a number of trainings that helped me develop the skills to be able to align senior leadership teams, define and realise the company values and, for individuals, transform their problems and make significant improvements in their lives – literally to the point where the whole world seems to open up for them.


For me, it is really important to see IT people succeed in whatever they choose to put their mind to.  I love helping and seeing them transform problems and create new solutions.  I love seeing IT businesses performing well and delivering excellent services. 


This forms the TGC purpose: To inspire and assist the IT world to be happy, successful, live a life of achievement and for them to have endless possibilities.

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