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Leadership Self-Awareness for Awesome Tech Leaders

Apr 29, 2022

Are you a Tech Leader?  Were you born to lead or suddenly thrust into a leadership position and don't know what to do? 


This insight is going to be a little bit different.  This time we are going to start exploring your thoughts about what being an awesome Tech Leader means to you.


Answer these questions and ask how each one might apply to your situation.


What is your goal as a Tech Leader?

Some people don't believe in goals or think they are too fluffy for them; however, let me set you straight right now, everyone has had a goal at some point - even if it is to go on holiday during the next 12 months, get a new car, move house, get a promotion.  Whatever it is, a goal will have been set at some point.


Let's take it a step further.  Every awesome Tech Leader has had goals.  To progress their career to the Tech Leader level is a goal in itself!


In what ways can you communicate more clearly?

As a Tech Leader, you will absolutely need to communicate at various levels - from your trainee analysts through to the Chief Exec.  You will also need to communicate well at all levels, at the customer and supplier levels.  Who do you communicate well with, and what can you do to widen the audience you communicate with?


Now, think about how you communicate clearly.  Maybe you are excellent at the written form or have the gift of the gab! 


What are your weaknesses as a communicator? How can you improve?


Analyse your communication objectively from the flip side now.  Think of the feedback you have received over time or the situations where you haven't gotten your message across or obtained the response you expected.  I'm not talking about people just agreeing with what you have said, but where you have had to repeat yourself several times to get your message across.


What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

Consider the differences between managers and leaders you have worked with in the past and present.  What behaviours or skills do they have that you would like to acquire?  What characteristics did they have that you would not want to acquire?


How can you make work more meaningful for your Tech Team?

Of course, being an awesome Tech Leader, you need to lead your Tech Team so that your Tech Team can really enjoy working for you; how can you make work more meaningful for them?  Do you generalise and consider the whole team as one, or do you think of everyone individually?


How can you make your Tech Team feel appreciated?

Everyone (a generalisation, I know) likes to feel appreciated in some way.  I recently worked with a client who stated that their CEO didn't seem to appreciate what they did, never said thank you or showed any other form of appreciation.  Unfortunately, in the Tech sector, that is a common occurrence.  The Tech Teams are criticised when things fall down, but never when everything is running as sweet as a nut.  So, what can you do to let your Tech Team know that you appreciate them?


What unique qualities do you see in the people you lead? How can you tap into their potential and help them do better?

Sticking to the theme of people still, being a Tech Leader is all about developing the next generation.  Do you know everyone in your Tech Teams' long-term career goals, and do they have development plans to help them achieve their goals?  Remember to include at least one objective each year for their own personal development.


Why does character matter in leadership?

Think back to your past leaders and what their character displayed to you.  Again, consider the attributes you want to acquire and those you don't.


Why is humility necessary for leaders?

Consider why humility is a positive attribute for Tech Leaders.  What are your thoughts on this statement?


How can you delegate more effectively?

Looking at your Tech Team members, some may have leadership qualities or other strengths they want to develop.  What opportunities can you give them for coaching, mentoring, or on the job training?  Where can you delegate tasks to their strengths?


What are the different styles of leadership?

These are the behaviour patterns that a leader will adopt to set direction, goals, plans and motivate their teams.

Depending on your school of thought, it is said that there is anything between 3 and 12 different leadership styles.  None of these is wrong as a style; however, there may be some styles suited to different environments.   The critical thing is to understand your environment, including its' values levels, and then adapt your leadership style to the organisation and people.  Consider the places that you have worked and identify which leadership styles have worked best in the different organisations.


What type of leadership fits your personality?

Given the above question about the different leadership styles, what is the way you lead your Tech Teams?  Can you adapt?


Are you ready to be a Tech Leader? What can you change now to make you an even more awesome Tech Leader?

These questions are here to help you start thinking about your own style of being a Tech Leader, and we are here to help!  If you need any assistance, feel free to book a Pick My Brains call to help you gain clarity on how you can get to where you desire, take the plunge and do The Tech Leader Diagnostics (this gives you a real deep-dive into your own goals, leadership capabilities, and waves the red flags you need to know about!)

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