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Lose The Fear!

Aug 05, 2022

“WTF Did You Do?”

Words to instil fear into anyone!  They immediately get your mind thinking, “what did I do?”, “was it bad?”.  I didnt think I would hear these words again any time soon; however, today, they were directed at me.


I have just been catching up with a service provider, and we were about to close off the call when we ended up discussing fears.  I happened to share that some of my favourite activities are skydiving and wing-walking – I love to be in the air, the adrenalin rush, feeling as free as an eagle with the wind rushing against me, the silence when skydiving and the view is simply breath-taking.   This was what cued the question.


I mentioned that before my last wing-walking event, I even took a nap at the edge of the airfield, and the pilot commented that my heart rate didnt even rise during the flight.


The words that came out of the service providers mouth were, but thats preposterous! and I laughed.


And then I recalled that two things used to really strike fear into me.  One was being underwater for an extended period of time, and the other was having to interact with people.


I used to be petrified of speaking with two or more people I didnt know at a time; interviews were a nightmare!  Id also be the one that would try to hide during all of the company events so that I didnt get noticed or have to speak to people.  Giving a presentation at work was probably one of the worst things that could happen.  I absolutely hated it!


The thing is, that something had to change.  You see, fear is there to keep you alive; its there to signal there is potential danger ahead and to trigger you to respond.


Fear will keep you in the comfort zone because you are safe there, and you know what they say about fear - “a life lived in fear is a life half lived”.


knew that if I wanted to be successful, then I would need to do something about it.



Was it a case of “feel the fear and do it anyway?”

I used to think that that was how you would get over any fear; however, I figured out that there were much better ways to get over something that by torturing yourself and strengthening gestalts of fear.


Fear absolutely had a part to play in not wanting to be underwater for an extended period of time, as my logical brain totally believes my body requires air to live.  I also thought that you couldnt get air underwater I considered air as free-flowing air that circulates, and an air tank did not provide that (now you can see how fear did not affect me for jumping out of, or standing on, a plane).  So for this fear, I changed what I thought and believed about air, and then I took up scuba diving.


With the people interaction, I handled this differently.  You see, there was no logical reason why these things would put me into fear – I was in no danger, and there was no threat.  I dealt with these through training and coaching to improve my EQ skills and mindset, challenge those beliefs, and eliminate unwarranted fear.


Yes, I said unwarranted.  You wouldnt want to eliminate fear entirely, as it is sometimes needed to keep you alive!  Plus, it lets you know you are doing something to challenge you, so fear can be a good thing too!



How does this relate to becoming an Awesome Tech Leader?

Good question!  For anything to change, you will need to step outside of your comfort zone, and some of the things you need to change will phase you. 


Usually, when I work with others, the very thing they dont want to do is the very thing they need to do to create the most significant change and get results.  And the biggest reason why they dont want to do that thing?


Fear!  Fear of failing, fear of success, what others think/say about them, fear of uncertainty.  It is the biggest factor in keeping stuck in a “safe” state and prevents people from achieving their success.



We do things a little bit differently over here at The Tech Leader Network, particularly with our Hack Your Neural Networks coaching and training programmes, so if you want to know more about how we work, then schedule a call and find out!


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PS - Going back to the first paragraph where I mentioned the response to the question: “was it bad?”.  The Linguistic side of me now, always asks: "bad? according to who??"  🤣

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