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The Motivation Secrets of Awesome Tech Leaders

people May 20, 2022

Awesome Tech Leaders need to know how to motivate their Tech Teams. The amount you can achieve on your own is limited, and it is necessary to have the assistance of others - whether they form part of your team or whether they are a part of another team. Motivating your Tech Team or extended team members is an incredibly valuable skill set, as when you can inspire others, you can achieve so much more.


Motivate your Tech Team to be awesome:


Be emotionally supportive:

One of the most critical things to help your Tech Team succeed is to remove any fear of failure or looking stupid. When fear hits, most people freeze. Most people also prefer to remain comfortable. This leads to nothing happening - they choose to stay comfortable instead of failing. Getting rid of their fears is an effective way of boosting motivation.


Provide additional support:

Ask your Tech Team what blockers they are facing, what resources they need access to, or even what you can do to support them in achieving the tasks set for them. Then take action - you need to remove the blockers and provide the resources to assist them. 


Follow up regularly: 

There are two key elements here: even if you have provided additional support, they may require other resources, or blockers may occur where you need to give some input. Also, you don't want to be blindsided by a surprise when someone is struggling to deliver on time. Keeping your Tech Team focussed on the task and asking appropriate questions will hold them accountable and on track.


 Be publically supportive: 

Whether it is a case of delivering an idea that one of your Tech Team came up with or someone attempting to cause problems for your Tech Team member, support them publicly. 


 Acknowledge and reward: 

 Give credit where credit is due, whether for progress, effort, passing a Vendor exam, or something else. Make it a "win" story for your team in a newsletter, on digital signage or in meetings. Tech Team members need a boost now and then. Where providing feedback for areas to improve, keep these to a private discussion between you and your Tech Team member.


Ask for ideas:  

Be open to fresh ideas. We all think differently, so it will be interesting to hear other people's views on how you can handle things. If you discuss all the ideas, you may find the idea evolves into something even more awesome! People are often excited when they are asked to come up with ideas, and engaging your Tech Team will also increase buy-in to the concept, a sense of purpose, and a feeling of belonging and making a difference. Encourage ideas within the Tech Team, and when a decision has been made on the way forward, expect co-operation.


Be clear:  

Ambiguity breeds confusion and confusion drains enthusiasm. Ensure everyone is clear on their goals and knows what they need to achieve to succeed.


Set a good example:  

If it is important to you, make it an objective and cascade it to your Tech Team. Explain why it is important, what the objective is and how you will deliver and measure it. When explained, those important objectives will be important to your Tech Team, too. Then make the objective your priority.


Create a vision:  

Tech Teams need to understand the end result and why it is important, particularly if the work is repetitive. Highlight any completed actions that take you one step closer to the end result. Work together to identify obstacles. 


Deal swiftly with dissenters: 

There is always that one complainer who attempts to undermine everything, those who say "we have always done it that way" don't want to embrace any change or just keep doing the bare minimum and not deliver as they should. Dissenters can often be obstacles to the rest of an engaged Tech Team. This one person can cause a lot of damage to a Tech Team, which you are working with to improve motivation. Make sure you have a 1:1 and get to the root cause of why they are doing what they do - you may even find there is an element of fear and uncertainty there. 


Have personal development plans:

Encourage your Tech Team to do their best by understanding their career goals and then set to work by creating a personal development plan that will cover the overall Tech Team objectives and include the individuals' longer-term career aspirations.


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