The Tech Leader Bronze Membership


To be a successful Tech Leader, there are going to be things you need to know.  Get your own, bespoke,  leadership development programme with our coaching process that has been specially designed for Tech Leaders.

Bronze Monthly Investment
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What's included with in Bronze programme?

Training Days

Introduction to the mindset you need as a Tech Leader, coaching your team and understanding how people brain programming impacts their behaviours.

Hack Your Neural Networks 1:1 Coaching

Get your own, bespoke leadership development coaching using our flagship process, specially developed for the Tech industry.

The Tech Leader Diagnostics

A gap analysis between Current You and Future You across your minds; programming and the competencies you are going to need to be a Tech Leader.

The Tech Leader Resources

Access to The Tech Leader Podcast, fireside and 'ask the panel' chats with guest experts, challenges, tools, templates, and a community of other Tech Leaders.

Pick My Brains  

A Pick My Brains call each month to ask anything relating to your development as a Tech Leader, how to handle a particular situation or to bounce ideas around improvements.


Below are some of our FAQs we receive on a regular basis about The Tech Leader Bronze Programme.

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