The Tech Leaders Guide to People-ing!


You've heard it time and time again - People, Process and Technology are the skills you need to be successful and of the three, I bet you are great at Technology and Process and that People is your Kryptonite!

Let's change that and make it one of your strengths instead.

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Improve Communication

Find out how to get your message across to absolutely anyone.

Managing Performance

Your success depends on your performance, and when you are a Tech Leader, that of your team. 

Feedback That Sticks

Stop giving that feeling of dread to others when you say  "Can I give you some feedback?"

IT professionals have no idea what they’re getting themselves into when they choose to take their first steps into the work of an IT Leader; the transition from IT Professional to IT Leader is going to be one of the hardest ever things they ever have to do.  They have to say goodbye to the old person that they were and transform themselves to become someone new.

Exhaustion, stress, and confusion will become new work colleagues during this phase, and this phase lasts few years until they become really adept at it.  Only those who are truly committed to the path of IT Leadership will make it. 

Leadership is challenging. It’s part science and part art. The science can be learned conventionally. The art is learned by experience. The ability to combine both separates the best from the rest.

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The thing with being an Tech Leader is that you won’t know much about it until you actually do it.

Yes, you might have some idea, but this is only from watching other Leaders and the bits they display out.  Often what we see and hear is “I don’t want to be like that when I am a leader”, “I could never do that”, or “I would treat my staff differently”.  

One thing you never know what or how to do something before you become a Tech Leader, is managing people.  Another area that you don’t experience is what is said or done behind the closed doors.

Leadership discussions are kept between Leaders and are very rarely shared in their fullest with the likes of IT Professionals, so experiencing these the first few times as a new Tech Leader will make you wonder what you have let yourself in for and whether you are cut out for all of this.

Behind those closed doors, the Tech Leader is going to be challenged and you are going to need to be prepared for this.

One of things you are going to have to learn is that it is not personal, it is just business.

When you walk out of that room, your stomach could be falling through the floor and yet you need to remain professional, cool, and collected as you walk back to your team.

You will also need to collaborate with other Leaders of the business to work on wider challenges.

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The challenge for new IT Leaders becomes even more difficult if the role came about through an internal promotion.  So often we see that people are great with Technology and Process and are promoted into Leadership roles and then they fall flat because they have no idea on how to deal with their members of staff.   

There is a big difference between being a great IT Professional and helping others to be great IT Professionals too.

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New IT Leaders are never prepared for the transition.  It requires a full transformation of their identity. Previously they would be measured by their own performance, but not anymore - they are measured by the performance of their whole team, so how do they get the buy-in of that team and then motivate their individual staff members to be the best they can be. 

These are the questions that keep new IT Leaders awake at night.

To top it all off, new IT Leaders don’t get much support - you are there to be delegated to and other leaders forget what it was like to be the new leader. 

Your support network of former colleagues has gone – you are not there to be their friend anymore, you’re there to lead them. Then there is the flip side, where your former colleagues want something raising to the Exec team and you need to figure out how to manage upwards.

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In this resource, we are going to cover three of the key issues we have found crop up time and time again – improving communication, coaching a team and effective feedback.


So, let’s get started with The IT Leaders Guide to “People-ing”!

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