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You’re good enough.

Words that I had to teach myself. No one else had told me this in my life.

Not at my job, I was always good at the techie side of things.

No, I had to convince myself that I was good enough to deal with people. In those 15 minutes before a meeting, I had to mentally prepare myself. To reassure myself that I couldn’t lose my job because I didn’t explain myself correctly. That people wouldn’t notice that I’d rather hiding in a toilet than sat around that table.

People have always confused me. Don’t get me wrong, I can force myself to deal with people if I must, but I can think of a million other things I’d rather do.

And guess what happened?

I found those 15 minutes making it worse. Because all I did was think about the awkward questions. The “what if they ask that?” scenarios. I’d imagine them sitting there, arms folded, rolling their eyes because they didn’t get what I meant.

I actually started calling in sick to avoid dealing with those meetings.

I knew the basics. I knew for the most part what I needed to do; I just could never quite make it happen in the moment.

It was when I realised that theory isn’t always easy to make reality that things changed.

I’d done a course years ago when the company thought I needed to be better at talking given I was a leader. Since then, I’ve muddled my way through.

I actually met Michelle networking. And I told her all of this. She listened, gave me some pointers to try and told me I could do it.

I went away and forgot all about it, until one particularly awful meeting made me remember what Michelle said about making people more receptive to me. So, I tried it. Each of her nuggets of wisdom I used in that room.

And the response I got was different. “Brilliant, thanks Cathy, great work”.

Needless to say, I called Michelle before I’d even reached my desk. Everything she had told me was from her Intermediate course. I booked on then and there.

It was the best £1,500 I’ve ever spent. The promotions alone over the past 18 months have increased my salary by 25%.

I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now without Michelle.

For anyone else who is looking at this course, my advice is buy it. You’ll never regret it.

Thank you again Michelle,

Cathy x


Cathy say’s it better than I ever could. If you want to change your work life, then hit the button below!




The Tech Leader Academy Intermediate Certificate

Accredited by The American Board Of NLP

Start Date: 4 April 2022

Training Days: 16 & 17 April, 14 & 15 May, 11 & 12 June

Training Day Times: 10:00 - 17:00 BST

Monthly Q&A Calls: 27 April, 25 May, 22 June

Monthly Q&A  Times: 18:00-  20:00 (or until all questions answered)

Location: Zoom

Cost: £1,997 £1,497 (Payment plan available)


Access to The Tech Leader Community

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Register your details for The Tech Leader Intermediate, starting 4 April 2022, and apply for your place.

"I have trained with Michelle and she has a no-nonsense approach to training NLP which I find refreshing. I have seen her carry out coaching with individuals and can fully endorse her methods, which achieve stunning results"

Mark W
Managing Director

"I attended one of Michelle's training.  It was great, very focussed and good presentation with stacks of info.  This will be a fantastic addition to the toolkit!"

Transformation Director

"Very informative training, given a clearer picture on the subject and how this will assist me with my own personal development.  Thoroughly enjoyed it, gained valuable insights to a subject I have briefly looked into "

Finance Team Leader

"Great course. Informative and has given me the tast for more! Trainer has great knowledge and makes it easy to understand."

Clive C
Managing Director

"Very well delivered, interesting and informative throughout."

Shawn R
Head of InfoSec 

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