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Life is too short for Tech Leaders to be stuck in a dysfunctional environment.


Being surrounded by chaos is not fun.  You were designed for more!

The Tech Leader Network offers world class coaching, consulting, mentoring and training for ambitious IT Leaders and Businesses. Whether your goal is to accelerate your career, improve your performance or that of your team, or to develop the Leadership team in your IT business, The Tech Leader Network is your catalyst for positive change.

We are specialists in Performance Improvement, and if you currently work within IT or the broader tech industry arena, then our cutting-edge programmes were developed specifically for you.

Let us help you.

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The Tech Leader Network pulls together the services from The Tech Leader Academy and The Geek Coach to provide a full, holistic Leadership Development programme for Tech Leaders and Businesses who want to be absolutely awesome at what they do!

Individual Leadership Development

Bespoke Leadership Development programmes for individuals, designed to get you the outcome you want.

Programme may include: coaching, mentoring, training, plus other resources as required.

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Teams Leadership Development 

Bespoke Leadership programmes for MSP or IT Teams for higher performance.

Programme may include: coaching, consultancy, mentoring, training, and workshops.

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Train The Trainer Programme

Specifically for coaches, trainers, and HR professionals in the Tech sector so they can implement this in the workplace.

Programme may include: coaching, consultancy, training, plus other resources as required.

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Free Book:  The Tech Leaders Guide to People-ing

You've heard it time and time again - People, Process and Technology are the skills you need to be successful and of the three, I bet you are great at Technology and Process and that People is your Kryptonite!


Get to grips with managing your Tech Team FAST!

So, let's change that and make it one of your strengths instead.

In this resource, we cover three of the key issues we have found crop up time and time again – improving communication, coaching a team and effective feedback.

Download your copy today.

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What People Are Saying

Our members' success speaks volumes.

"Having had several 1:1s with MC, I can vouch for her brilliance and attention to detail around some of the fluffy stuff alluded to. I was an interesting case and she had a profound effect in helping me refocus on what really mattered

Chas B.


"Thank you for all your support and encouragement.  You have kept me sane on many occasions

Mark B.




"I wouldn't understand what I understand if it were not for your incredible intervention.  Thanks for everything." 

Lisa D.