Looking for an MSP Speaker?

Are you looking for a speaker for your next MSP event, or your podcast? Take a look at why I could be a good speaker for you.

What do I talk about?

My crazy goal is to help 350,000 Tech Leaders by the end of 2032, and one of the ways that I achieve that is by sharing knowledge and learnings through being an MSP Speaker; delivering: presentations, lightning talks, masterclasses and workshops, and through "genius cafe" style pop-ups at industry events.

There are a few topics that I absolutely love to talk about, and all of them of applicable to the MSP and IT industry.

The themes are typically about:

  • Service Delivery

  • Operational and Service Excellence;

  • Continual Service Improvement;

  • Improving Service Maturity;

  • Leadership Development topics and how to get the best out of your Tech Team

I'm always happy to have a chat to understand your event better and how my content can be tailored to suit.

What's my style?

I'm a massive fan of sharing and delivering "knowledge-bombs" that make an impact!

I am clear and to the point and I provide practical advice which enables the audience to be self-sufficient and put the content into practice.

I love facilitating panels, and making sure the conversation flows seamlessly and everyone gets the opportunity to share their knowledge with the audience.

Let's Talk About Your Event:

If you are putting on an event in the MSP space, feel free to complete the form and we will get back to you soon.

Please share a high-level overview of your event in the message section.