About The Tech Leader Network

Hi, I'm Michelle

After 20+ years of heading up IT for several organisations across the globe, I decided it was time to do something meaningful for the Tech community; to sort something out that had been bugging me for years and to use my skills and knowledge to guide others to become successful.

Many people ask why I would leave my own Tech Leader career to help others have successful businesses, careers and, even lives. Simple! I want to inspire and solve the problems of Tech Leaders so that they too have the successes that they dream of.

And I'm on a mission... I have set myself a crazy goal of helping 350,000 Tech Leaders by the end of 2032, so feel free to connect over on LinkedIn, or drop me an email and grab a '5 Minute Favour'.

And, enter The Tech Leader Network....

I share over 25 years of experience working for MSPs, IT companies and in-house IT teams in service delivery, operations and manging MSP service delivery and performance that gives her a unique insight into both sides of the MSP and customer relationship.

My experience gives me a unique understanding of the challenges that MSPs face, from ensuring customer satisfaction to optimising internal processes.

My approach is straightforward and practical. I take the time you need to understand your business and what’s holding it back before offering tailored support, tools and strategies that are not just theoretical but immediately applicable the specific needs of your business. I'm here to guide you through each step, helping you streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and improve profitability whether you're a growing team or an established player in the market.

My commitment is to your success. I focus on practical solutions that make a real difference elevating your MSP to its full potential.

Where You'll Find Me